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The Oxford Dictionary definition of respite is ‘a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant’.

Homely Retreats provides just that…a break.

Each eligible* family is offered a 2 nights complimentary self contained accommodation and a personalised Travel Hamper including Homely Retreats merchandise, children’s entertainment packs, pamper items for the patient and vouchers for local entertainment venues, restaurants & petrol. We believe that quality family time is important, especially during the difficult times, and promote family time as a key ingredient for cancer recovery.

Our major accommodation sponsor is ABS BY THE BAY in Taranna, Tasman Peninsula (Southern Tas). The Purdie family offer complimentary accommodation for our clients and their families. The Deck is a separate self contained unit sleeps up to 6 x people in 2 bedrooms or they can host extended family members in self contained units next door.

We also have a database of kind Airbnb property owners who donate/offer discounted self contained accommodation for our families across the state.

For those who are too unwell to travel or prefer to stay at home but are seeking support; we can offer a range of home support services. These options include: One week of pre-cooked single serve family dinner meals delivered to the home by Meal Machines; or professional home cleaning/garden maintenance. See our Client Offerings document (in RESOURCES section below) for more information.

*Eligible clients are: Families with a parent who is receiving or recovering from cancer treatment (within 12 months) whilst caring for children under 18 years in their home. The patient and their immediate family living together are eligible to travel, as well as any support family who are assisting with caring for the children. All conditions are listed on the listed on the Client Offerings document.

The Deck accommodation

Abs by the Bay waterfront

Sunset at Abs by the Bay



Our application process is kept as simple and easy as possible. We know you are tired and overwhelmed already- We’re here to help!

A few simple verification documents are required before our dedicated Client Coordinator can get in touch with you to book your family respite experience.



Clients can be directly referred by health professionals via email: info@homelyretreats.com.au , however completing our application form is the speediest method.


Clients can self refer via the short application form on our website which requires 3 x forms of identification to verify eligibility.

1. Once you have completed the application form and your provided your verification documents, our Client Coordinator will be in touch with you.

2. You will receive our Client Offerings document and be able to discuss your preffered 12 points of service with our Client Coordinator.

3. We take care of all the booking details and send you email confirmation, detailing your family respite experience/ home support details.

4. When you arrive at your destination your TRAVEL HAMPER will be awaiting you- ENJOY YOUR FAMILY TIME!

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